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Libra Girl Regular Pads

Libra Girl Regular Pads

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Perfect girl-sized design and A++ protection with leak-busting wings.

These pads absorb up to 10x their weight with 4-layer InstaDry Tech but they're ultra thin, they don't rustle and there's no "Hey, look at me! I'm wearing a pad because I've got my period" bulk. 

Each pad is individually packaged to make stashing them in a bag or pocket easy but even better is that the packaging doesn't rustle or crackle like some brands do, which can be the cause of much bathroom embarrassment.

She'll stay comfortable and secure with these extra thin, invisible, girl-worthy pads. If she's wary of period underwear, using pads to start can give her the confidence boost she needs to go totally sustainable in her own time, too. 

Pack contains 12 regular period pads for girls.

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