The struggle for girls is real.

More often than not, girls who're going through puberty find that their once free and easy existence gets mangled by worry, plummeting self esteem and the kind of bewilderment that comes from having your life turned upside down.

I'm on a mission to change all that.

Hello, I'm Sarah.

Eltee Sydney started as a brand started called Lava Tribe, which was born from a struggle to find the right sports gear for my eldest girl. But, as the years rolled on, I spotted a bigger, more pressing challenge than what to wear when it comes to girls in sport. The real hurdle was the whirlwind of puberty that left girls feeling confused, embarrassed and unprepared. And as my own two girls reached those years and I saw the impact with my own eyes, I decided that tackling this issue a mission I was more than willing to accept.

Fast-forward to now and my collection of period essentials and puberty support products help tween and teen girls say adios to self consciousness and (at least some of) the awkwardness of adolescence, so they don't end up dulling themselves down and watching all the fun pass them by from the sidelines.

Because when girls stay plugged into the passions that light them up, moving with confidence and owning their power, they're not just moving through a life stage—they're collecting skills and shaping a future defined by resilience, boundless potential and blazing their own trail.

That's the future I want for my girls and the future I want for yours, too.

~ Sarah

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