Collection: Period Swimwear for Girls


One-Piece Sport Swimsuits for Tweens and Teens


Inch-perfect fit, stay-put racerback straps, on-trend but 'not tooooo high-cut' leg opening, plus a cute disc-shaped back design for total freedom of movement.

Now she can master her metres in comfort and style - any time of the month.

Choose from regular or period - or why not snap up both!

period swim bottoms for tweens eltee sydney

Seamless Period Swim Bottoms for Girls

Layers of super absorbent, paper thin protection.

Wear on their own or hide under regular swimwear for leak-proof confidence in the pool.


Can girls still swim when they have their period?

Yes, Here's How!

"But how will I go swimming!?" It's one of the most commonly asked questions when a girl gets her period.

Can she hit the pool or dive into the ocean waves even while on her period? Absolutely, and we're here to show you how, without using tampons (which often freak girl out until they're a little older), resorting to the awkwardness of a pad in the pool or missing out on the fun.

First off, let's tackle the big question: Can a girl swim on her period without a tampon? It’s a definite yes from us. Our collection of period swimwear is designed with young swimmers in mind, ensuring that girls can make a splash any day of the month.

Why choose period swimwear for girls?

Did you know that 67% of girls either ditch sessions or quit swimming because of their period? That's a staggering number. By choosing the right swimwear, you’re telling her that her period shouldn’t dictate her activities.

Pads in the pool? They're not the best mix—becoming soggy and moving out of place, which is the last thing anyone wants. Our swimwear is the antithesis of this scenario—offering leak-proof confidence with pool-ready, period-proof innovation.

Layers of super-absorbent, whisper-thin protection

Our period swimwear for girls is anything but ordinary.

With layers of super-absorbent, whisper-thin protection right where it's needed, there's no bulky, soggy aftermath to contend with. And yes, we've thought about style too – with options like the Period One-Piece Sport Swimsuit that not only ticks off the absorbency box but also keeps things sleek with an undetectable lining and a cute disc-shaped back design for freedom of movement.

Then there's our regular sport swimsuit—the Grand Poobah of distraction-free designs with its open back for supreme freedom in the water.

Every Eltee Sydney piece is crafted with the perfect fit and stay-put straps so girls can swim fret free.

What's the difference between absorbent swim liners and period pads?

Diving into the pool with period swimwear is such a game changer compared to using pads. Why? Well, imagine chilling in the pool without the worry of that weird, soggy pad feeling.

Period swimwear is made with layers of absorbent lining that are made for protection in the cool. The fabrics are super smart - they're absorbent where you need it, and water repellent everywhere else, so you won't feel like you're lugging around a wet towel while you do your best mermaid impression.

Plus, water can also make the sticky backing that keeps your pad in place ineffective. Another reason why it's not good idea to swim on your period with a pad.