Teen Period Underwear That Changes the Game 🤩

She's in the brink of adulthood, but she's not there yet, and she needs a little helping hand when adolescence gets awkward. That's why we created our Period Underwear for Girls with leak-locking 'Bumpers' exclusive to Eltee Sydney.

They offer unbeatable protection, and unparalleled comfort, because life doesn't pause and neither should she.

Why Are Our Period Undies THE BEST for tweens and teens?

No Leak Too Sneaky

Bumpers are a leak-proof barrier that we've built in to the sides of our period undies.

They give her protection against any surprises during the "sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes doesn't show up at all" early cycle years.

Smart Alert System

Before leaks happen, Bumpers alert with a gentle nudge - a hint of dampness to signal 'change o'clock'. 

Until then, she'll stay fresh, clean, super comfy and fully protected, whether she's nailing exams, scoring goals or chilling with her BFF.

Total trustworthiness has 4️⃣ layers

These layers work together to make sure that girls are able to move freely without worrying about leaks or discomfort or bulkiness that screams “Hey world, I’m on my period!

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    Rinse worn undies in luke warm water until water runs clear. It's best to do this ASAP. 

    If that's not poss, pop them in a Stash Bag and take them out at home (before they dry out!) and rinse.


    Toss 'em in the wash, cold cycle with stuff of similar shades. 

    Skip the fabric softener - bamboo's already got the softness nailed and the absorbent layers aren't a fan! For that extra bit of care, a wash bag is your undies' best friend. 🧼💖


    ... not with the undies - that'd be weird!

    Pop underwear out on the line to dry naturally. No dryers, please. And make sure your underwear is fully dry before storing them away. 

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When followed, our simple 3-step 'How to Care' instructions will achieve an average of 12-18 months' (and often longer) effective wear.

Not sure which size?

Baggy or heavy clothing can throw off the measurements so to get the most accurate measurements, it's best to go au naturale (unclothed) or if she needs a hand and she's not one to let it all hang out, get her to pop on some snug-fitting clothes.

When measuring, she should stand tall with feet together. Make sure the measuring tape is perfectly level. 

If your girl is between sizes, it's probably the best bet to go a size up to get more wear out of them as she grows. 



4 Surefire Signs That It's On It's Way

What are the signs of an upcoming period so you can prepare her - and yourself - for what's to come? 



There’s nothing taboo about menstruation, period.

As young girls develop and go through puberty, they’ll face challenges, both mentally and physically. But getting her period shouldn’t be one of them. 


Let's be real – having a tween or a teen and navigating the early period years is often a rollercoaster. 🎢

We've created a range of period wear specifically for tween and teen girls, to help them keep their heads held high when the going gets awkward. 🙌

Using innovative methods we're helping girls to stay plugged into the passions that light them up. By helping them overcome the period related challenges that can steal their confidence and zap their zeal, we're supporting them to move with confidence and own their power.

They're not just moving through a life stage—they're collecting skills and shaping a future defined by resilience, boundless potential and blazing their own trail.

That's the future we want for our girls and the future we want for yours, too.