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First Period Alert: 4 Surefire Signs That It's On Its Way

Learn to Recognise the Early Indicators of Her Approaching Period, So Both of You Can Be Prepared Well in Advance!

So you'd prefer to do your tax, go to the dentist or get a cervical examination than delve into 'those' periods chats with the tween or teen girl in your life? You're not alone!

The cringe factor is real and there will be stink eye aplenty, but it's a big step and, while she might not like it, she'll be grateful you had her back when her period arrives.

Helping her understand how to handle her cycle can take bamboozlement, fear and panic and turn it into handle it like a boss period positivity.

What are the signs of an upcoming period so you can prepare her - and yourself - for what's to come? Buckle up and let's get started!


Each girl's journey into puberty is individual to her and it can start anytime between about 8 and 13 years old.

Whether it's developing curves or conducting an orchestra of hormones, the changes that come with it are all part of the wonderfully weird transition into womanhood.

It's important for her to know this because as puberty advances, she might find herself dealing with comparison anxiety (that nasty nasty thief of all that's good and joyful!), so it's often helpful for her to know that whatever is going on for her is a-okay; that she's supported, healthy, vibrant and wonderful, and this too shall pass. 


1. Well, helloooo curves

It's not uncommon for girls to experience weight gain and a sudden growth spurt around this time. You'll likely notice her hips rounding out and her breasts taking shape. Body fat increases naturally to support healthy menstrual and reproductive cycles. Sometimes, these rapid changes can result in stretch marks—initially bright red, eventually fading to a silvery white hue—but hey, no need for full scale panic. These little warriors fade over time. 

Actionable tip: Steering chats away from how her body looks (yawn) and instead

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celebrate what it can do! Whether it's crushing a soccer game or acing a tricky

TikTok, keep bringing the dialogue but to her amazing abilities whenever you can (even if you're met with stink eye every time 👉🏻). 

2. There's a hair in there! 

Old Mother Nature loves throwing curveballs, and one of them is the arrival of body hair. Puberty usually starts with hair growing in surprising new places like the chest and lower regions. Initially soft and fine, it soon turns coarser and darker.

Actionable tip: Discuss personal hygiene and the different hair removal options available, from simply trimming to using hair removal creams or shaving.

3. What’s that in her undies? 

The approach of her first period is often heralded by a secreting fluid (a.k.a. vaginal discharge) in her underpants. This fluid (which can range from clear to opaque white) is perfectly normal—it's designed to keep her vagina clean and moisturised. Usually, this sign means countdown to period launch is well underway.

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 4. Sore boobs.

One of the telltale signs of approaching puberty are sensitive breasts, because, well, hormones. Sports bras can offer comfort and support during this period.

Actionable tip: Make it a reason to shop (as if we need a reason) for her first bra or crop top—reassure her that sensitivity is just temporary and it'll pass.

Navigating the path to womanhood can feel like a minefield!

Open, honest conversations (and maybe a tub of ice cream or two) will make the road smoother though, there's no doubt about that. There is NOTHING taboo about menstruation - this is not a topic she should be learning on the job. 

Don't forget to equip her with our best-selling First Period Kits. Packed with essential items for her comfort and confidence, if she's got our kit in her school bag, she's ready for whatever puberty throws her way. 

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