Collection: Pippin Girl Puberty Guides

Pippin Girl puberty guides take a fresh, relevant approach to helping girls understand their remarkable bodies, how to adjust to their period and what to expect during the process of puberty.

    Pippin is all about giving real, evidence-based answers to the burning questions girls have about their bodies, relationships and living her best life.

    They've got a squad of nutritionists, psychologists, doctors, and health experts to make sure you get the ultimate guidance for mind, body, and soul.


    Pippin Girl's mission is to equip them with critical thinking skills and the wisdom to make informed and healthy choices while navigating the rollercoaster of puberty, online life, friendships, romantic relationships, and the realms of dating and intimacy.


    Anatomical drawings? Boring explanations of times past? Nup! Pippin guides are filled with expert advice, poetry, fun, beautiful pages, quotes, interesting articles, ideas, health tips and answers to some of those hairy puberty questions (all pun intended!)