Period Underwear for Girls

Our Period Underwear for Girls are her ultimate ally in the fight against leaks and discomfort.

Leaks are kept at bay with four layers of tech lining, fortified by our exclusive game-changing 'Bumpers'. The result? She can set period woes to the side and focus on being her full, authentic self all day long.

Period Underwear for Girls: FAQs

What do girls worry about when they get their period?

For young women adjusting to dealing with their first period and beyond can be an emotional rollercoaster. They fret over irregular periods, fear being 'found out' and worry about smells and leaks. Period underwear can ease their anxiety because they're ultra thin so no "I have my period!" bulk from crunchy, bunched up pads or having to insert a tampon. They help her 'go with the flow' and feel confident no matter what time of the month it is.

Is period underwear better for the environment?

Indeedy, they most certainly are. Not only is our Play On period underwear fail-safe and comfortable, but Mother Nature is a big fan.

Play On Period Underwear for Girls is made from sustainable bamboo material, and they create (A LOT) less waste in landfills than disposable pads and tampons. #winning!

How can girls be sure that period underwear won't leak?

Our period underwear uses layers of ultra-thin absorbent materials, similar to those found in disposable pads and tampons. But we take it a step further with extra built-in side barriers for next-level protection.

This means no more worrying about leaks or feeling uncomfortable when she's being active.

Our period underwear is designed to help girls "go with the flow" and feel confident no matter what time of the month it is.

Can girls wear period underwear for sport?

Yes, girls can wear our period underwear for sport. They're light, breathable and soft so they're great for after-school sports and all the other activities she loves to do.

Not only that, but our period underwear is perfect for tween and teen girls who are juggling their first period cycles and the busy-ness of the school day.