Leak-proof period underwear for tween and teen girls

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Period Undies for Girls with Bumpers (Neutral)

Period Undies for Girls with Bumpers (Neutral)

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Period Undies for Girls with Bumpers (Neutral). Starting her period can make a girl feel all sorts of mixed-up.... But it doesn't have to.

Play On Period Undies for Girls absorb the same as 2-3 tampons (that's 10-15ml). 

  • 'Bumpers': Our very own innovative built-in leak guards. No leaks on our watch! Period for first period and the early unpredictable years of her cycle.
  • Smart construction: She'll only feel damp when she needs to switch up her undies - like a personalised early warning signal. 🚨🤸
  • Four layers of next-level period protection: 1. Quick drying, odour controlling layer. 2. Spongey super sucker layer (with leakage Bumpers). 3. Leak trapping, waterproof layer. 4. Bamboo layer, her outside underwear bringing the comfort while casually keeping it all under wraps.
  • Fabric: 95% Bamboo and 5% Spandex.
  • Ideal for young, sensitive skin: Hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking.
  • Easy care: Rinse worn period undies, then machine wash in cold. Avoid fabric softener though, it'll mess with the absorbency over time.

Plus, since bamboo gets a thumbs-up from the environment, our Period Undies for Girls with Bumpers get a high-five from Mother Nature.

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