Healthy Skincare Habits Begin Pre-Teen

Healthy Skincare Habits Begin Pre-Teen

By Aman Kaur, Founder, Melbourne Naturals

Her body changes in many ways during pre-teen years, and the condition of her skin is one of them. With puberty comes a surge in hormones. A lot of times, these hormones can increase sebum production in the body. Blemishes or acne are caused by overproduction of sebum, which causes dirt and bacteria to block her pores.

Adolescent skin is often unable to keep up with her changes and balance its functions on its own. It is important to teach our girls how to start nurturing and taking care of their skin so they can enjoy the long term benefits.

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Starting early with a skincare routine will have long term benefits for their skin. The daily skincare routine should be very simple consisting of:

  1. Balancing cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Moisturiser
  4. SPF
  5. Plus a weekly gentle exfoliating treatment or a clay mask to ensure skin is kept hydrated, oil production is controlled and harmful bacteria is removed.


Skincare in pre-teen years forms the foundation of their skin health. It is important to be mindful of the products that you allow her to use because young skin is sensitive. When buying a cleanser, for example, make sure that it is a gentle one and doesn't strip her skin of its natural oils. If her skin feels tight or dry after cleansing, that's a sign that it's too stripping for her skin. Opt for products that make her skin feel softer and smoother after use.

My brand, Melbourne Naturals, has a Clarifying Face Oil and Elixir of Joy, which are designed to help control acne, rebalance overly oily skin and provide nourishing hydration to promote healing, containing naturally antibacterial plant - based ingredients, these face oils are a nutrient-rich source of moisture and supply skin with essential fatty acids - the building blocks of skin.


Getting into a skincare routine and keeping it regular is of utmost importance. Bodies go through changes during the pre-teen and teenage years and a simple, yet consistent, skincare routine will help minimise breakouts and keep her skin healthy and happy.

Teaching your child how to take care of her skin will prevent her from potentially relying on make-up products to cover up as she matures. Her skin is going to represent her for a long time and a clean, healthy canvas will build her confidence as she moves into adulthood.


Lava Tribe girls love to move and, with rigorous movement, comes sweat and potential exposure to more dirt and bacteria from the field, gym or shared class environment. Taking care of the skin by adopting a simple but consistent skincare routine will prevent her sporting pursuits from compromising her delicate skin. 

It's also critically important to apply an SPF when training, playing or competing outdoors - even in the cooler months - and the sun's rays can be especially harmful to young girls' skin.

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Skin is the largest organ in the body, and it reflects what goes on inside. Our skin is made of cells, and these cells are made of water. Without water, her skin can't function to the best of its ability. 

Pre-teen is a good time to get into the habit of drinking water. As a young adult, she should start drinking up to two litres of water everyday. Water cleans the body from the inside - out. If our bodies are dehydrated, it gets difficult for the toxins to flush out and when they can't, they present as different skin issues. Water hydrates the skin and makes it plump, dewey and radiant.

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Pre-teen skin is young and delicate and highly temperamental, making it particularly tricky to care for.

A good skincare routine early on can really help with minimising the breakouts and keeping skin healthy, nourished and radiant.

Get her into a habit of taking care of her skin and it will take care of her!


Highly effective natural skincare that's good for your skin and the Earth.

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