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Soothing First Period Kit

Soothing First Period Kit

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Soothing First Period Kit - Yep, it's the ultimate "You've Got This!" box brimming with goodies and gear for tackling that time of the month like the superhero she is.

Think of it as a secret weapon against the period blues, all packed up and ready to roll. What's inside?

  • 1x Neutral and 1x Black Teen Period Underwear: These aren't your grandma's undies. Nope, they're like the ninja outfit of period gear—sleek, comfy, and with our stealthy leak-locking Bumpers tech for all-day peace of mind.
  • Hot Hands Cura-Heat Therapeutic Heat Pack for Period Pain: Got cramps? Zap them away with some heat magic. These packs are like a warm hug for her belly, minus the awkwardness.
  • Soul Rebellion Affirmation Cards: Who needs a pep talk? These cards are like having a mini-coach on her bedside table, cheering her on to conquer the world, one positive vibe at a time.
  • Rose Quartz: This pretty pink rock is all about the love—especially the treat-yo-self kind. It's a sparkly nudge for her to remember how awesome she is.
  • Scrunchie: Because real relaxation starts with a messy top knot. It's a fact.
  • Kind Hearts Candy Roll: Sweet treats with need-a-boost-moment messages on them. 
  • Aromatherapy Room Spray: Turn her room into a chill-out zone with just a spritz. It’s like an instant vacation for her senses.

This kit's all about making those period days less of a drag and more of a "I totally got this" vibe.

Designed for tweens and teens who are bravely navigating the wild ride of puberty, it’s a fist bump of comfort and confidence, all snug in a box.

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