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School to Pool Pack

School to Pool Pack

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School to Pool Pack combines our sleek and chic One-Piece Period Sport Swimsuit with two pairs of Play On Period Undies (Black), both designed to absorb the equivalent of 2-3 tampons' worth, meaning you can ditch the disposables and live your life uninterrupted.

  • Period One-Piece Sport Swimsuit: Move with unstoppable confidence thanks to leakproof lining, a snug fit that complies with Swimming Australia’s 'Inclusive Swimwear Policy', and a design so chic, it’s your secret weapon against period blues.
  • Play On Period Undies for Girls: With the superpower of absorbing 10-15ml (yep, like 2-3 tampons), these bamboo-spandex blend undies are your BFF for leak-proof, hypoallergenic, and earth-loving period protection.

Whether it's dominating at school or making waves in the pool, our School to Pool Pack's got her back.

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