We’ve changed the game for teen period protection with our exclusive leak-locking Bumpers innovation.

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Period Undies for Girls with Bumpers (Black)

Period Undies for Girls with Bumpers (Black)

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✋🏼 Our very own innovative 'Bumpers' leak-locking barriers. 🧽 4 layers of ultra-absorbent lining to keep her dry. 🚨 Built in early warning sign when it's change o'clock. 🙌 Super thin and discreet. Zero bulk. 😍 Soft, stretchy and easy care.🌻 Moisture-wicking to keep her feeling fresh.

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Teen Period Underwear That Changes the Game 🌟

Leak-locking Bumpers™ barriers

Bumpers are a leak-proof barrier that we've built in to the sides of our period undies. 

They give her protection against any surprises during the "sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes doesn't show up at all" early cycle years.

Boost her with confidence and comfort with our teen period underwear. Made exclusively with unstoppable teens in mind. We're making sure she doesn't have to pause for anything, ESPECIALLY not for her period.

Innovative 'Bumpers' and four layers of ultra-absorbent lining. Our period underwear for girls is her ultimate ally in the fight against leaks and discomfort.

She'll revel in the ultimate comfort with our soft, breathable fabric that feels like a second skin, moving seamlessly with her every step. She'll ace her exams, dominate on the sports field, and soak up her down time chilling out with friends, feeling protected without compromising on style or comfort.

With our Teen Period Underwear with Bumpers, she gains more than just outstanding menstrual protection. She gains the freedom to live her life unrestricted, coupled with the confidence to face any challenge, period or not. Say hello to peace of mind and goodbye to period anxieties with underwear that’s as unstoppable as she is.

Super Sucking Absorbency

Our Period Undies for Girls absorb the same as 2-3 tampons or 4 regular pads (that's 10-15ml). 

To put that in practical terms, 15ml is the average size of a face serum and the average amount of blood lost over a 4 day period is 10-35ml.

4 Layered Defence

1. Quick-dry, breathable poly-cotton layer: For freshness, dryness and zapping odours.

2. High-absorbency layer: This is where the magic happens. See it in action in video below or click here to watch.

3. Leak-proof layer: Totally liquid proof layer that keeps the whole operation watertight.

4. Soft bamboo exterior layer: Feels AMAZING against her skin. Soft, stretchy but enough support to them firmly in place.


Our undies are 5% Spandex and 95% Bamboo - and bamboo is a sustainable.

So not only are you preventing waste by ditching pads and tampons which so to landfill by wearing period undies, you're also in Mother Nature's good books when you wear bamboo!

Odour zapping

Hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking to zap odours.

Ideal for young, sensitive skin and all day freshness.

3-Step Easy Care

Keeping your period undies fresh, fabulous, and functioning at their peak is sooo easy.

Here's our easy-peasy care guide with everything you need to know but *spoiler alert*, it's basically 1. rinse, 2. machine wash and 3. hang to dry.

Early Warning Alert

Our smart construction creates an effective early warning alert before leaks have a chance to wreak havoc.

If she forgets to change and her undies are reaching capacity, she'll be alerted by a gentle nudge - a hint of dampness to signal 'change o'clock'. 

Until then, she'll stay fresh, clean, super comfy and fully protected, whether she's nailing exams, scoring goals or chilling with her BFF.

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